Wallaroo Media began by offering SEO and social media marketing services and have now expanded to a full service digital marketing agency. They have a passion for marketing and for helping their clients grow their businesses. Their primary goal is the generate a positive ROI and increase client revenues month over month.

Friendemic, founded in 2010, provides social media and online reputation engagement services and software solutions to hundreds of clients around the globe. They’re fluent in hashtags, put the contagious in viral, and set the standard for social ROI. They believe social done right requires a unique skill set with little overlap from other marketing forms.

Stryde is an industry leading e-commerce marketing company located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Their team, made up of marketers and seasoned business owners, are extremely passionate about helping small and large companies grow their brands and revenues through both online and offline content creation and promotion strategies.

LavaSurf utilizes SAAS and services to help multi-unit brands effectively manage and scale all their local social media efforts, under one central roof. They understand your needs for a simple, effective, and flexible system with services that can be tailored to your specific brand and internal needs. Their team has spent decades in the multi-unit and SAAS spaces.

We are a team born of the recognition that marketing is the intersection of Art and War. We believe too many have forgotten we are all born creative and triumph in business demands not only our grit but also our inspiration and passion. Likewise, we must acknowledge that brands are playing to win and market share will not be freely given. It must be claimed.

We do social media marketing and content marketing so you don’t have to. We create the content you need, manage accounts, and engage with followers to increase your revenue.