EKR is the agency for brand starts, pivots, and turns. They establish market share and accelerate growth for brands that are finding their first voice, that need to make a course correction, or that require a wholesale turnaround. They have grown into a nationally recognized agency with a full complement of brand-growing services. Their company focuses on four pillars of services, including strategy, creative, technology, and marketing.

REDKOR utilizes in-depth market research to help clients define their emotional brand experience and communicate the right message to customers through branding, packaging, and creative design. Through a series of customer interviews, REDKOR develops your style guide, which defines the attributes, benefits, emotions, and values that drive your company. They then build campaigns, website elements, and all other communications from this strong foundation.

Serfwerks helps you know how your marketing is working and helps you significantly improve your results. They understand that you don’t just need marketing strategies and design; you also need results. From marketing research, training and consultation, and creative design of communication materials, they provide both the strategic insight and marketing tools to help your business get to the next level.